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"Welkam tu d' Werl d' NorF'k"...


Welcome to the

World of Norfolk...

showcasing stunning natural beauty,

soft adventure activities,

historical richness and friendly locals.


360 degrees of Wonder



Come SEIT Norfolk Island with us…


On arrival to Norfolk Island you will be immediately transported to an entirely different world.

Not only because of the boundless nature, enriched coastlines, the density and diversity of experiences and the relaxing, slow paced environment it offers, but also because of the quaint nature of the place itself.


Breath the clean fresh air, Feel the Ancestors of days gone by, experience the ambiance of the people


Norfolk Island …Extraordinary place, extraordinary history and extraordinary people


On the map, Norfolk Island is a tiny speck in the ocean. The actual experience however belies its size as you approach it.  You begin to see its interesting topography. Acknowledge the presence of water and life. Appreciate its varied beauty and once you have landed, you are blown away by the diversity of its geography, history, people, language, culture and customs.


Feel the simple natural beauty of this 360 degree of wonder ….35 square kilometers of tropical haven, featuring the unique Norfolk Pines.  32km of coastline with a variety of birds, many unique to this amazing eco friendly environment. 



Norfolk Island Extraordinary place, extraordinary history and extraordinary people


Don't forget the Norfolk greeting of the traditional wave as you drive, on by….. not a single traffic light in sight, no pedestrian crossings and only one street light…..parking is free no matter where you stop a café or on the beach or just for a quick shop.   

The speed limit is 50 kms hour, where cows have the right of way, people go out of their way to be helpful, cars are left unlocked and you can move around freely and fearlessly.


Freshly grown vegetables in abundance allowing produce for chefs to create traditional and gourmet food delights for all to enjoy. Norfolk Island offering full flavored scrumptious food fresh from the earth and the ocean.


Norfolk Island offers accommodation for all levels for families, single delegate and partners to luxury high end. 



Norfolk Island Extraordinary place, extraordinary history and extraordinary people


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